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rocket pengwin

Rocket Pengwin - Alone

Directed by Lorenzo Diego Carrera | Produced by Margaryta Bushkin

AD: Kevin Boris | AC: Nick Libraro | PA: Ryan Patterson | VFX: Elia Pellegrini


New York, US

Performance: Eddie Sears, Rocket Pengwin

DOP: Margaryta Bushkin | Camera: Daniele Sarti, Margaryta Bushkin


Rome, Italy

Performance: Daniele Brian Autore (Programming, Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals), Jacopo Volpe (Drums)

DOP: Lorenzo Invernici | Camera: Alberto Seghezzi, Gabriele De Luca


Editing: Margaryta Bushkin

Mixing: Daniele Brian Autore

Special thanks to Sherri White of Jamestown, L.P. and the entire team at One Times Square.

Rocket Pengwin - DOCTOR

Directed/Edited by Lorenzo Diego Carrera

Animated by Elia Pellegrini | Additional Footage by Margaryta Bushkin

Commissioned/Produced by Margaryta Bushkin

Rocket Pengwin - UNIQUE

Directed by Tyler Yee & The Pengwin in New York

Produced by The Pengwin in New York & Margaryta Bushkin

Camera action by Federico Tamburini, Matt Devlin, Margaryta Bushkin | Colored by Dustin Wadsworth

Thanks to Alicia Halloran, Matt Spiller, Jamie Stuart, Toan Phan, Dani California, Andrew Passaro, Sophie Everhard, Suzana Haile, Sean Earley, J. Ryan Ulsh, Zach Zimmerman, Black Crescent, Jenny Sauce, Kenny Babbo and New York City

Rocket Pengwin - FORGET YOU

Directed by The Pengwin in Self-Quarantine & Margaryta Bushkin
Additional support by GUGU Productions

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